100% of profits are contributed directly to UTSA student-athletes.

Invest in the development of UTSA student-athletes

Become a member of the Runners Rising Project

Contribute to the success of UTSA student-athletes by becoming a member of the Runners Rising Project. Increase your contribution amount or cancel at anytime. Members receive exclusive access to UTSA student-athletes, membership to private social media networks, and more. All contributions to the Runners Rising Project are tax-refundable.

Directly benefit UTSA student-athletes

Your financial support helps to create a top-of-class experience for UTSA athletes both current and future.

Prepare UTSA student-athletes to enter the workforce

The Runners Rising Project will work with UTSA student-athletes to provide professional mentorship, training, and other resources to prepare Roadrunner student-athletes for a life outside of the field or court.

Strengthen the relationship between UTSA and San Antonio

By connecting UTSA student-athletes with the San Antonio business community, the Runners Rising Project will build strong and visible ties deep within our community.

Help UTSA student-athletes build their personal brand

The Runners Rising Project will highlight the most exceptional UTSA student-athletes via different content and social media forums, allowing Roadrunners to market themselves effectively.

Become part of an exclusive network of UTSA fans

Join an elite and exclusive group of UTSA supporters to build lasting personal and professional connections.

Ensure legal and NCAA eligibility compliance

We have studied the State of Texas Name, Image, and Likeness legislation, as well as NCAA bylaws to ensure all of our NIL activity is 100% legal and approved by the NCAA. We retain legal representation to ensure full compliance with all bylaws and statutes.

Donor Contribution Tiers

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