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UTSA’s student-athletes of today are San Antonio’s leaders of tomorrow. The Runners Rising Project is a grassroots initiative dedicated to providing financial support and professional opportunities to UTSA student-athletes with regard to marketing their own Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL).
Donor contributions to Runners Rising directly support UTSA student-athletes financially while also providing a gateway to further business opportunities and partnerships within the greater San Antonio community. Join us in investing to build a better future for our Roadrunner student-athletes on-and-off the field.

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Why Contribute?

NIL legislation opened up new financial opportunities for collegiate athletes to earn income based off of their Name, Image, and Likeness. We are dedicated to helping UTSA’s student-athletes better prepare themselves for entering the professional business world. The Runners Rising Project aims to help build the next generation of champions in San Antonio via direct financial support, professional mentorship, personal branding, and networking opportunities. 
Your support allows more student-athletes the chance to earn sponsorship opportunities through our community. Are you a UTSA alumnus or a Roadrunners fan? Join the collective and contribute today!

Contribute financially to the betterment of UTSA student-athletes in a matter of seconds via one-time or recurring payments. Modify your payment commitment at any time.

All profits are provided directly to UTSA student-athletes, in full. Regular reports ensure funds are appropriately expensed. Our staff is composed entirely of volunteers.

We firmly believe that a championship mindset is contagious. Student-athletes across all sports will receive NIL opportunities through the Runners Rising Project. This support will help UTSA recruit and retain talent and bring top level college athletics to San Antonio.

Fans can more intimately know UTSA’s best via exclusive media from our athletes. Video interviews, AMAs, blog posts, and in-person appearances greatly bolster the visibility of UTSA athletics and players looking for business opportunities.

The Runners Rising Project is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, meaning your contributions to our mission are tax-deductible. We provide an end-of-year donation summary receipt to assist you with your tax preparations.

Your contributions to the Runners Rising Project may be matched by your employer. We are listed on donation-matching portals for several large corporations. Reach out to us for assistance in pursuing employer-matching contributions.

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"For me personally I think NIL has been very beneficial. Just thinking how places used to be able to use student athletes’ names for promotions and stuff meanwhile we weren’t receiving anything. So they were the only ones benefiting from it. Nowadays with NIL I can receive things for the name I’ve made for myself. I personally think it’s only fair, we do all this hard work, the least we could get in return is a deal that someone wants to offer us."
Frank Harris Headshot
Frank Harris
UTSA Football
"NIL opportunities have started to help athletes in ways that never would’ve even been dreamt of 10 years ago. It’s awesome to see so many of my fellow athletes not only being financially compensated for their brand but also gaining real life business experience that many have never yet been exposed to."
Lexi Bolton
UTSA Soccer
"Getting paid for the use of my name, image, and likeness (NIL) has personally relieved some stress for me. Supporting and promoting local businesses and earning money here and there has helped me pay for groceries, gas, rent, etc. I have also been able to build strong relationships with people that I know I can count on to have my back down the road."
Luke Malone
UTSA Baseball
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