Runners Rising Hoops

Elevating UTSA Men's Basketball

The Runners Rising Hoops initiative is a dynamic addition to the Runners Rising Project, dedicated to empowering UTSA student-athletes in marketing their own NIL(Name, Image, and Likeness). Specifically tailored for Men’s Basketball, this initiative aims to provide financial support and professional opportunities to our talented athletes.

This new membership program is specifically for fans passionate about our men’s basketball team, the Roadrunners! This tiered membership will offer unique access and engagement opportunities while providing vital NIL support for our student-athletes.

This program goes beyond just financial support. It fosters a deeper connection between fans and the team, creating a true community for Roadrunner supporters. Additionally, a majority portion of each membership fee will be directly allocated towards NIL deals for our men’s basketball players, allowing them to benefit from their hard work and dedication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Runners Rising Hoops is an initiative ran by the Runners Rising Project. It is not a new NIL collective but rather an extension of who we are.

It is completely up to you. Runners Rising has always had the opportunity for donors to designate their donations to a specific sport. If you wish to designate your donations to Men’s Basketball, Runners Rising Hoops is the place to do it. If you want to support NIL as whole for UTSA, please continue to donate to the general Runner Rising Project.

The perks and tiers for the Runners Rising Project will remain the same, by donating to the Runners Rising Project you will get those perks and tiers. However, in order to get access to the perks and tiers from Runners Rising Hoops, you must donate to Runners Rising Hoops. If you donate to both you will get access to both tiers.

Runners Rising Hoops exclusively benefits Men’s Basketball.

One time donations to Men’s Basketball are appreciated. Certain monetary amounts for one time donations will qualify you for access to certain perks.

Donor Tiers

Investing in Runners Rising Hoops means investing in our players' futures. By supporting their NIL opportunities, we empower them to excel both on the court and in the business world. Join us in shaping champions!
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones
Assistant Coach
Runners Rising Hoops isn't just about basketball; it's about life skills. Donating directly impacts our athletes' financial literacy and personal branding. Let's build a legacy together—one slam dunk at a time!
Trevor Deloach
Trevor DeLoach
Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator
NIL legislation has leveled the playing field. When you contribute to Runners Rising Hoops, you're giving our student-athletes a shot at success beyond the game. Be part of their journey!
Nick Bowman
Nick Bowman
Assistant Coach
Runners Rising Hoops bridges the gap between sports and business. Your donation fuels dreams and opens doors. Let's create a winning legacy! Remember, every contribution counts, and together, we can empower our Men's Basketball team to thrive both on and off the court!
Joey Brooks
Joey Brooks
Assistant Coach and General Manager
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