Brenden Brady’s college journey: The comeback

Coming out of high-school I had been one of the better running backs in the state and was highly recruited. I had some success throughout my time at Steele HS and was fortunate enough to be selected to play in the 2018 Army All-American game. I stayed fairly healthy and hadn’t had much adversity when it came to life in general, let alone on the football field. I had my fair share of scholarships but ultimately decided it was best to stay home and help build a young UTSA football program up. Little did I know it would be a journey of a lifetime. 

My freshman year I came in like any other freshman that was good in high-school, expecting to play. That didn’t really happen much, but I got a chance to prove myself at the end of the season. I was going into the next spring really confident and it went well. I grew a lot as a player and became a student of the game. So after a strong summer workout session heading into fall camp,a young sophomore eager to showcase his ability, I suffered a turf toe injury that lingered the entirety of my sophomore season. I was devastated, got down on myself and fell into a slump. 

After that we had a new coaching staff come in and man was I ready to prove myself again, I thought it was a fresh start. By this time I was a junior and Covid had just started rolling around so we didn’t get a spring ball and had optional weights in the summer. So I took it upon myself to workout and work on my craft while we were away. We finally got the go ahead to start fall camp and I had a good one. I was the strongest and fastest I had been ever. So we started week one against Texas state. I played decently and was excited for my junior season, my break out season. Then, boom.. I tore up my ankle and had surgery and was out for over half the season. I played a little when I got back, but not how I knew I could. So again I got a little down on myself. 

I ended up making a full recovery heading into our next spring season and had a good spring again, and I thought to myself, just control the controllables and take care of your body. Had another good summer leading into my senior season, and another good fall camp. Game 1 against Illinois, I had one of my best college games thus far and just knew that year was the year. After that I didn’t have much production but there was still hope. Then boom.. game 4 I ended up breaking my forearm and missed over half the season again. I was down again, but this is when I started getting closer to God. I just prayed and prayed that he would show me how to be a selfless teammate and how to serve even though I wasn’t playing. It was at this time I realized how to be an even better teammate. I finally was cleared to return and came back in time to help in the conference championship game, and got to start in our bowl game. I played decently and figured that it was the fairytale ending to my college career, so I called it wraps and hung up the

A few months go by and Coach Traylor calls me, we talk about life as he was genuinely curious. I explained to him I started a business and was kind of just going with the flow. At this point in time I had kind of had time to reflect on my life, and my football career. I was always saying to myself, “I did my time, I had my career”. It was at this time Traylor said he had a spot for me if I wanted it. I knew God was speaking to me when I felt in my heart I couldn’t pass up this opportunity again. God was telling me to get out of myself and even though I was content he told me he had more. To serve, to love, and to help the young guys was what he called me to do and the rest would take care of itself. So I told Traylor I would come back and help any way I could.

It has been nothing short of a blessing to be able to do that. Most people when they are done, they don’t get another opportunity to do what they love. So I’m running with it, and praying for the best. I’m so thankful for my very supportive and proud parents, my loving friends, and UTSA football for always believing in me. I’m also very excited for this extra year to build my network and work with my incredible partners of Runners Rising. It’s so huge to be able to showcase the kind of charactered athletes that Utsa recruits and produces. I appreciate them for giving me the opportunity to do that with this blog post. It’s so awesome what they are doing for us with NIL deals. With all of that being said.. It’s now time to get ready for the season..
Roadrunner for life!

-Brenden Brady

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