Welcome to the Tailgate Challenge

In a little over three weeks, UTSA Football starts its 2022 campaign.  The Roadrunner’s 11th season comes with the start of what hopefully will be a new tradition:  The Runners Rising Tailgate Challenge!  

The premise is simple:  A select grouping of the established UTSA Tailgates will compete via a fundraising campaign to get two Spring Athletes—UTSA Softball’s Camryn Robillard and UTSA Baseball’s Luke Malone—to hang out at their tailgate before the UTSA vs Houston game on September 3rd. The money raised between the tailgates gets split like this:  60% goes back to Runners Rising to allow us to continue to grow in our ability to support UTSA’s Student Athletes, and 40% (20% a piece) goes to Camryn and Luke for representing Runners Rising at the winning tailgate.

Here’s the participating tailgates (click the name to donate):

Birds Landing Tailgate

Dos Meeps and Rowdy By Nature Tailgates

Dos Runners Tailgate

Rowdy Road Grillers Tailgate

Rowdy Sideliners Tailgate

The Birdgang Tailgate

By clicking the link to the associated tailgate,  you’ll be taken to a DonorBox page for that tailgate where you can donate in that tailgate’s name.  The campaign will run from today (August 10th) until 7pm CST Friday August 19th.   Every night between the 11th and the 19th we’ll provide an update on the standings.  The tailgate who raises the most money wins.   On  Saturday August 20th at 2:30 pm CST (exactly two weeks to kickoff) well announce the winner via our social media accounts.

To the tailgates participating, we wish you good luck!  Additionally, we want to remind everyone that the money you’re helping us raise is what will help UTSA cultivate competitive advantage and retain talent.  NIL daily is proving to be a game changer across the nation…this is a way that you can personally help UTSA and San Antonio make a difference for our athletes!  As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thanks, good luck, and birds up!

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