Q&A with Kyra White of UTSA Basketball

Kyra White is Junior transfer from USC on the women’s basketball team. She’s a San Antonio native and played her high school basketball at Converse Judson. In high school she was a three-time all-state honoree and helped Judson win the 2019 6A state championship. While at Southern California Kyra played in 77 games and started 22 times. She scored 138 points, posted 131 rebounds, 49 steals, 127 assists, and 25 blocks.

Kyra took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for the Runners Rising Project. See the full Q&A below.

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RRP: Has the transfer back home from USC been everything you hoped for?

Kyra: The transfer back home has been everything I hoped for. I feel like I’m in an environment that is healthy and positive. Being around people who push me everyday to be the best version of myself is very rewarding.

RRP: Do you think UTSA can be the destination school for the top local talent? And if so , what would you tell the top players in the area about staying home and playing for the Roadrunners?

Kyra: UTSA can definitely be the destination for top local talent. Coach Karen and the rest of the staff have been very vocal about wanting to expand the game of basketball in the city of San Antonio. If you are wanting to stay home and make a difference UTSA is the place to be. The next couple of years are going to be big!

RRP: Who’s your favorite WNBA player or someone you try to model your game after?

Kyra: My favorite WNBA player is Elena Delle Donne. While she is one of the greats on the court, her story off the court is what I respect the most. It seems like she has had a wild ride to get where she is but she always believed in herself and her ability to get the job done. 

RRP: How have the first few days of practice gone?

Kyra: The first few days of practice have been good. With it being this close to the season coach is making sure that everybody and everything gets to where it needs to be. A lot of new faces on the team this year so just making sure everyone is on the same page. 

RRP: What’s one thing about you as a basketball player that you want Roadrunner fans to expect from you?

Kyra: I want the fans to expect a hard worker and someone who is trying to make a name for herself. Coach Karen has given me a great opportunity and I plan on taking full advantage of it. 

RRP: How have the rest of your Roadrunner teammates treated you?

Kyra: My teammates have treated me great. They welcomed me with open arms and have accepted me for who I am. 

RRP: How has it been playing under Coach Aston?

Kyra: Playing under Coach Aston has honestly been great. She has high expectations and doesn’t allow you to short cut yourself ever. I still find myself in awe sometimes when thinking about who I play for, she is one of the best in the business. 

RRP: What do you see yourself doing after UTSA?

Kyra: After I’m done at UTSA I see myself doing whatever makes me happy. My ultimate goal is to be a college coach, but the route I take to get there is unwritten. 

RRP: What goals does the team have for this season?

Kyra: Our goal is to be conference champions

RRP: Is there anything you’d like to add? Maybe a comment from you to Roadrunner Nation?

 Kyra: Trust the process and enjoy the journey. Go Runners!

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